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Tactic: Issue Resonance

Situating Occurrences Across Googles

By: Lucy, Will, Luke, Astrid and Sabine

Question: Who is responsible for elderly care?

  • UK (through
  • Australia (through
  • Canada (through
  • Netherlands (through
  • Belgium (through
  • Germany (through
Limiting factors:
  • Translating the terms, are we losing some of the local specificity?
  • Google India, Australia, and served British results, due to our location?
  • Only captions, not going deeper into the pages themselves for this analysis
  • Not counting nr. of mentions, only uniques
  • Lot of decisions had to be made while listing (not as straightforward as you may think)

Results: the table shows the top 10 unique responsible agents identified in the local Google, using 3 languages: English, Dutch and German. The highlighted terms are unique for that country Google.


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